MASTERPIECES March-April 2018

MASTERPIECES 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition
Exhibition 1 March - 14 April 2018
Opening reception Thursday 1 March at 16-19.00

A Treasury of Masterpieces - inspiration, models and clay sketches
The gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary with a string of art pieces by more than 60 exhibitors, showing their private selection of special and unknown pieces, significant model sketches for inspiration, proposals for major projects.

In the spirit of the Gallery, it is possible to look into a treasury of ideas and ceramics of traditional, conceptual and humorous nature.

I have been working on the site for 20 years. The first years with my own studio and private showroom, but from 2008 also exhibiting and promoting ceramic contemporary art and unique crafts by Danish and international colleagues. The exhibitions have continuously informed the audience of contemporary ceramic art. It has been a busy and eventful time with many interesting visits, amazing art pieces and stories from the real life :-)

THANK YOU to all the exhibitors who have shown their great pieces in the Gallery over the years. Also grateful thanks to the Danish Art Foundation, Ellen & Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation, L.F.Foghts Fond, OJD Fonden, and art associations, private collectors, faithful customers, colleagues, friends and family for invaluable support.

Biographies are at the bottom of page - (Hight x Width x Depth)

Ane Davidsen - Overthrown - sketch, 2017
Stoneware, thrown, modelled
23 x 19 x 17 cm
One of the first pieces creating the ideas of many more.

Ane-Katrine von Bülow - Graphic Bowl, 2004-18
Porcelain, graphic print, glaze, gas kiln 1280C.
12,5 x 25 cm
The starting point for all my graphic porcelain is the conch shell, using the industrial stretch mesh as tangible material, the ornament is created, rewritten and worked endlessly. (Photo O.Akhøj)

Anne Fløche - The simplest, 2016
33 x 37 cm
Simplicity, tranquility. Shape, color and drawing are united.

Anne Fabricius Møller & Ann Linnemann
- Archive Lab, 2015
Ceramic shards, glazes, melted, coredrilling
12 x 9 x 9 cm + søjle
A study that can move in many directions. Interdisciplinary collaboration with material blends of glaze and clay, core-drilling.

Ann Linnemann - Wild Cups, 2017
Porcelain shards, fused. Weed, moss
9 x 10 cm
A new upcycle project inspired by wild plants in urban culture - on nature's conquest of human-made. Ceramic cup shards and growth in a common life, - about decay and life cycle.

Annemette Kissow – Egg cup, 2016
Porcelain, modelled and cast
5 x 19 x 19 cm
The work is a derelict and shattering from my everyday function-product casting. I have played with the forms that I make for Michelin restaurants and put them together challengingly.

Asger Kristensen - Vessel
Stoneware, oxydation 1280 C.
14 x 22 cm
A special glaze expression inspired a start of my project on thrown vessels. Fascination of the SkarpSalling Kar, a historic vessel of great artistic craftsmanship, always part of new interpretation, becoming contemporary.

Barbro Åberg – Entangled, 2017
Clay, perlite, terra sigillata, stains, earth colours
18 x 16 x 17 cm
Three-dimensional drawing, a work that points towards airy constructions.

Beate Andersen - A play of dimensions, 2017
Stoneware, painted dekoration
18 x 16 cm
Inspired by rhythmic motifs and - a play of dimensions.

Bente Hansen
- Jewelery for a jewelry box, 2017-18
Stoneware, transfer decoration, thrown model
5 small ovals. Hight 6-12 cm
Metamorphoses through countless firings, in various temperatures. (Photo: Ole Akhøj)

Bente Skjøttgaard - Mnemiopsis leidyi, 2018
Stoneware & glaze, modelled
H 24 x Ø 25 cm
Often inspiration is gained in nature's own formal principles and phenomena, and this time the starting point is the American Ribbegople Mnemiopsis leidyi, also known as the Kill Mount.
Actually, I was initially fascinated by its simple shape with the 8 ribs that I could instantly transform into ceramic form with ample opportunity for artistic variations, but its silent weightlessness is also a challenging reference to work with in my material. (Photo: Ole Akhøj)

Better Lübbert - Flora Remix, 2017
Porcelain, thrown, silkscreen print, brush, 1265C
H 30 x D 22 cm
With references to the history of my subject area and my own family history, I have chosen this jar for Masterpieces. A mix between factual registration and free imagination.

Birgitte Christens - Side Effect, 2017
Porcelain, blue Japanese wave decal, glaze
10 x 31 x 38 cm.
The piece was a great and exciting challenge, inspired by inhibited lung function. A pain, a feeling of suffocation. Decal print is a Japanese traditional pattern transformed.

Birgitte Christens - Child´s Pose (figure), 2017
Modelled porcelain paper, oxide crayon, glaze. Japan.
10 x 15 x 35 cm.
The work is a rethink of old drawings. I am inspired by the yoga position The Children's Position, the colorful graphic surface is inspired by the painter Egon Schiele. An expression translated into 3D and ceramics, as an extension of my other body pieces.

Bodil Manz - My Masterpiece, 2016
Cylinder, porcelain, paint & transfer, lustre..
10,5 x 11,5 cm
The cylinder was cast, dried, bisqued. After high glaze firing, it appeared full of iron stains. On my way to the bin, I thought - no. Tried my red Japanese color in a new low firing. Next fired yellow and turquoise transfers. It looked no good, - I became stubborn, in a way found it's ugliness interesting, perhaps even beautiful. Fired with luster, again in a different temperature. After 5 firings, it has become my little problem child. Masterpiece - yes, maybe only for myself.

Charlotte Thorup - Planes, 2017
Stoneware & porcelain, modelled, gas fired
32 x 28 x 7 cm
Rhythmic planes captured in a simple structure.

Christian Bruun - Thrown form, blue, 2016
Cut, thrown stoneware, wood fired 1360C
40 x 27 x 27 cm
Throwing is my language. The piece tells me about relationship of structure and shape, change in the firing, and other matters I do not completely control, maybe more in a dialogue. The piece is a study for a series of larger jars created in collaboration with potters in Vietnam.

Dorte Kristoffersen
– Fusion, between body and object, 2018
Porcelain basket, woven/braided lamb intestines
10 x 15 cm
Heavy, lazy, liquid clay is braided in fragile lamb intestines. The body meets the material.

Dorthe Søndergaard - Skal
Porcelain and metal wire
10 x 16 x 13 cm
When I lost my sister and my husband a few years ago, the thin porcelain became a symbol of the fragility of life. Shown in this work, the decoration is also a picture of fertility and life.

Esben Klemann - Net construction
Modelled stoneware, glaze (wall pieces)
1. Light - 2. Red - 3. Dark, 15-25 cm
Challenged by the qualities of the material and testing limits on its ability, the small wall objects can be seen as drafting larger works, but are also art objects in their own right.

Flopper – Storm, 2012
Black clay sculpture, glass/aquarium
5 x 35 x 36 cm
Sculpture made of unfired clay and dissolved in water in an aquarium, that is then dried up with the 'sculpture' located in the frame/tray and fired all together at 1260C.

Gunhild Aaberg - Black P
Modelled stoneware with slip
23 x 9 x 9 cm.
"Black P" is one of my many clay sketches used as inspiration and testing of ideas that may develop into future pieces. (Photo: Sigge Kærn)

Gurli Elbækgaard - information follows..

Hans & Birgitte Børjesen, FULBY Ceramics - information follows..

Hans Munck Andersen – Makværk, 2016
- by a Master "gemacht"
Molded porcelain, inlaid clay and painted
15 x 14 x 20 cm
Organic cubic approach in the pieces, ReDesign, made of 'recycled' parts of own bowls.

Hans Vangsø - Small black bottle, 2017
Stoneware, black glaze
14 x 11,5 cm
A strong primordial force, where connections of coincidence create the character. Fascination of materials and firing process.

Heidi Hentze - Nature morte, 2018
Porcelain, slap technique, nature objects from New Zealand and Nexø
15 x 13 x 8 cm
Geometry and nature in playful interaction.

Helle Vestergaard - Underwater Flower, 2014
Modelled porcelain, raw clay, silk mat glaze
12 x 11 x 10 cm
This little piece contains all the fine and special of porcelain. From the series "Underwater Flowers"

Inge-Lise Koefoed - Empty House, 2014
Modelled stoneware, oil/acrylic paint
11 x 8 x 17 cm/ 11 x 10 x 10 cm
Cross-border material composition - oil/acrylic color on clay. The cocoon's colors are inspired by the fully developed butterfly or beetle.

Inger Heebøll – Collapse, 2016
Modelled, unglazed, red earthenware
10 x 21 x 21 cm.
Suddenly and inexplicably, societies of bees become extinct: Colony Collapse Disorder.
A specific explanation is not known. My modelling of dead bees are - in addition to working with the complex shape and surface, commenting on the prevailing hunt, there is in our society for optimizing yield and growth that affects the delicate balances in nature and may have fatal consequences.

Jane Holmberg – Stacking, 2017
Thrown white and red earthenware
29 x 24 x 24 cm
The piece is a preliminary study of a stacked pillar. As a study, it contains the essence of possibilities and paths where I can go with the project, reminding me that it might just have begun. (Photo: Ole Akhøj)

Jeanette Hiiri Marquart - Bits and pieces, 2002-18
Porcelain, glaze. Frame cast in porcelain
30 X 20 X 10 cm
My fascination with material, texture and texture in clay and glaze. The tactile, combinations. Showing that small samples are significant, they are put in a "gold frame" of porcelain. Four small miniatures gathered in one Masterpiece.

Jesper Palm - A Morter, 2018
Oil painting
40 x 30 cm
Diversity has always been a topic for me. Therefore, as a consequence, I painted a Nature Morte.

Jette Löwén Dahl - Crystals en Masse, 2007
Cast porcelain, crystal glaze.
30 x 30 x 25 cm
My masterpiece is a vase with crystal glaze. It's one of the samples I can not sell. It is wild, reminding me of sea bed with seaweed a warm summer day in an adventurous lake. Often admired in my studio, especially by colleagues. The vase was an experiment that ended up perfect.

Jonathan Keep – Sound Surface Vase
3D printed porcelain, celadon glaze
Hight 17 cm
Ideally and technically, everything are transformed, from sound and other natural phenomena to digital codes, which are then 3D-printed directly of porcelain.

Karen Bennicke - FORMSCAPE, 2003
Auto-lackered MDF and glazed earthenware
38 x 25 x 25 cm
Despite its outward attitude, the sculpture is maintained in its own space. Object and podium become one piece. (Own photo)

Karen Kitani Harsbo - Pathtown no 2, 2016
"Handheld" and digital 3D printed porcelain
20 x 20 x 20 cm
Imaginary town – illusion of the future or ruins of the past. An idea for a possible future architectural design located elsewhere in our galaxy or maybe an ancient ruin complexes.
In my studies of digital and bodily 3d print with porcelain, I am particularly pleased with how this little sculpture fell out.

Karin Michelsen - A multi coloured family, 2015
Porcelain, modelled, molded, wood-fired
8 x 20 x 20 cm
The lidded jars always fall out differently. They become little personalities for me, boosting my imagination.

Kim Holm - No title, 2018
Thrown cylinder, stoneware, 1170C
23 x 25 cm
I consider this piece a signature piece for me, as the cylinder, cut ornaments and working with glazes and firing constantly intrigues me.

Kirsten Høholt - Drawing and plate, 2015
Handthrown porcelain, ceramic colour, decals
28 cm
My images are everyday reflections, thoughts and conversations. Words, phrases, metaphors, sound, clear and muddled impressions, distinct stories - and feelings.

Kirsten Justesen – Models and sketches
1. Three travel sketches from Tunesia, 1971. White clay
2. ANAT/ EFEU – Steel net
Processing for temporary installation, Eventyrhaven, Odense 1993-95
3. Katrine - Model balzer wood, sketches on paper
FOUNTAIN project Katrinegården, Hjørring 1985

Kurt Weiser – Vase, 2010
Salt fired earthenware
Hight 30 cm

Lea Mi Engholm - Black drops #6, 2017
Porcelain, modelled
11 x 12 x 14 cm
With simple grips, I explore the clay's expressions in a partially controlled process that also involves the qualities of the coincidences.

Lis Biggas - Center piece model, 2018
Stoneware decorated with sinter slip
18 × 20 cm
Examination of supporting and lifting a dish or bowl up so that the structure becomes a visible and integral part of the whole.

Lis Ehrenreich - Albarello form on pedestal, 2018
Thrown, high-fired earthenware, two parts
The southern European pharmacy jar, albarello, has for many years been the basis for my jars, together with structural relief patterns and dusty liquid glaze deposits. Currently I am occupied making pedestals for my works.

Lisbeth Holst-Jensen - Oval Vase, 2017
The motif is painted with clay colors, transferred to clay slaps, oval form, stoneware
28,5 x 31,5 x 10,5 cm
I chose this piece because it is a new area for me to work with, - and here the colour choices, motives and relationship with the oval form go into a higher unit.

Lone Borgen - Fear of missing out, 2017
Stoneware and porcelain, thrown and modelled
28 x 32 cm
The challenge of craftsmanship to be in the spirit of presence. Inspired by the cultural city of Aarhus and the subject Danish Crafts and Design Association discussed in connection with the events.

Lone Skov Madsen
- White object with yellow dots, 2017
Stoneware, modelled and cut, 1260C
17 x 14, 5 x 12 cm
Dette værk er opstået ved en tilfældighed.
I was sitting a long time with a bigger work that did not work out, at last I realized it would not succeed. I ended up having to cut it and thus created this work. Somehow it got a certain bias, which I think is really nice.

Lotte Westphael – Polyrytme, 2017
Porcelain, slap technique, inlaid colored porcelain.
15 cm x 18 cm + 2 small samples
Polyrytm is part of "Polyrytmic style exercises" where I work systematically with repetition and rhythm in a complex combination of different lines. The small samples show that the applied stripes have different widths in the front and the back, and that these can be used to create pattern.

Louise Gaarmann – Landskab, 2014
Earthenware, cut out with a knife from a 10 kg clay block
4 x 14 x 24 cm
I was born and raised at the moor, the flat landscape that seems infinite. The eyes look out and over it. To me it's a poetic sight. The lean earth where little humble things grow up bearing a stormy life and power in itself.

Louise Sidelmann – Sketch, 2007
Porcelain with charmotte
6,5 x 14,5 cm
An experimental work of glaze and the immediate expression. I have done this work at the design school, it felt like magic. Now it's ready to be seen by others. When does an object go from being sketch to become a definitive piece?

Malene Müllertz
- Light blue Trilubite net with yellow tips
Thrown, drawn, carved, oval bottom, 1270C
19 x 16 cm
Spherical or watery deep-sea jellyfish is wearer of flow, creating a rush of time from when the world was quite young. (Photo: O.Akhøj)

Malene Møller-Hansen - Stiletto tea pot, 2018
Earthenware, thrown and modelled
30 x 28 x 13 cm
The teapot is a symbiotic relationship between the free and playful expression, but at the same time leans up of the good and classic workmanship. - And then I'd like to be able to walk in stilettos ..

Mette Augustinus Poulsen - Vessel of black iron glaze and brown decoration, 2018
Hard fired earthenware, thrown, reduction 1160C.
13,5 x 19 cm
I have chosen this pot because it has challenged me in a new way. A new combination of black and brown.

Mette Marie Ørsted – No title, 2013
Modelled, porcelain, glaze
12x12x12 cm
Exploring the architectural space in conjunction with the spacious, poetic narrative and pure geometric form. References to cultural experience, urban communities and life forms, abstract visions.

Mikael Jackson - Sculptural geometric

Mona Vander – Rotate, 2017
Hand-thrown stoneware sculpture
5.5 x 9 x 9 cm
A small outline of a rotated figure which is at a standstill, with three supporters. The idea is that the small clay sketch, maybe one day may be the pathway to the masterpiece. I'm always on my way! When it is not a sketch anymore, is it then a masterpiece? Is it a masterpiece when it dares to stand all alone in the world?

Niels Stock Bach - Chrysanthemum, 2017
Stoneware, thrown, modelled, glazed
12 x 25 x 18 cm
The jar, the flower, the glaze - a contribution from each of three ceramic artists, assembled in one piece.
Marianne Krumbach, Marianne Nielsen og Helene Stockmarr Gerdorf. (Photo: Ole Akhøj)

Ninna Gøtzsche - Tektonika, 2018
Vase, thrown porcelain, coarse recycle clay
23 x 17 cm
Tektonika is inspired by the way the tectonic plates push towards each other through the surface of the earth. At the same time there is a meeting between unordered coarse surfaces and the fine twisted porcelain. I work with the contrast between the perfect and the imperfect, on the edge of when the shape is resolved.

Ole Akhøj - No title, 2012

Ole Vesterlund - Formatus Arabiae, 2014
Earthenware, pressed and modelled
42 x 19 cm
The work brings together several themes for my work. Formatus Arabiae is balancing, bodily and has references to formly archetypes.

Peder Rasmussen - The boy who left home.
Thrown corpus, modelled figure
19 x16 cm.
Earthenware with majolika glaze and black glaze.

Per Ahlmann – Arousal, 2007
Stoneware, faience
37 x 40 x 45 cm
The work "Arousal" represents a point in my work, where my background as a ceramicist and my fascination with the sculpture as a form of expression unite in a complexity that I then sought.

Prue Venables AU - Sieve

Richard Shaw - Windy Lady, 2016
Modelled, recycled parts, painted, print

Samuel Chung – Cloud Vessels
Hand thrown porcelain, brush painted, glazed

Sandra Davolio - In the beginning was clay..
1997 - 2003
Porcelain, modelled, two parts
1: 4 x 4 x 38 cm - 2: 12 x 12 x 16 cm
My first attempt with "winged" works. The black is raku fired and dates back to the 90's, when I lived in the countryside. The white is a "city" version, inspired by my relocation to the city.

Sergei Isupov - A Wave of Emations, 2017
Modeled porcelain, brush painted, glazed

Steen Ipsen - Black Organic 4, 2016
29 x 27 cm
(Photo: Ole Akhøj)

Sten Lykke Madsen - Figure
Modelled, wood fired

Stephen Bowers AU
- Ming, Morris, Phone app, 2016
Earthenware, marbeled, brush painted

Steven Rolf USA – Bowl
Hand thrown, altered, glazed

Søren Thygesen - Inside Out, a cube, 2018
Ceramic concrete
30 x 30 x 30 cm
The cube is molded in ceramic concrete and the expression is from the inside. It is a bodily cube, as the appearance of my fingers, skin, fist appears very clearly. The title is therefore "inside out".

Trine Bach Jakobsen – No title
24 x 15 cm
Mixed clays, aged feet.
The work has aged, recycled clay, coffee dregs and lava sand. The archetypes of which convey the idea of nature, embrace.

Ursula Munch-Petersen - Ceramics as soil and water, 2004
Modeled stoneware, glaze
Universal elements as water, earth and fire are translated to the main ceramic elements glaze, clay and firing.

Vibeke Rytter - Computer animated vases, 2018
H. 20–27 cm
Computer animated vases appear as sketches and unpolished vases in an innovative expression - working towards a complete design.

The gallery is small but has a 'high ceiling' in terms of quality - is communication-oriented, professional and idealistic in its aim. In collaboration with the artists, the gallery has exhibited about 100 exhibitions, often in a combination of recognized established and new talents, international names in relation to Danish colleagues and thematic group exhibitions, - focusing on current and experimental ceramic contemporary art and unique craft.

BIOGRAPHIES – Alfabetic by first name


ANE DAVIDSEN (b. 1972, DK) -


ANN LINNEMANN (b. 1957, DK) - Ann Linnemann Studio


ANNE FLØCHE (f. 1952)


ASGER KRISTENSEN (b. 1951, DK) - - blog:

BARBRO ÅBERG (b. 1958, Sweden.. DK) -

BEATE ANDERSEN (b. 1942, DK) -

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DORTHE SØNDERGAARD (f. 1961) er uddannet på Designskolen København (KADK) 1981-87. Designer for LEGO a/s 1987-94. Bosat i Norge siden 1995. UDSTILLINGER Galleri Svalbard, Bærum Kunsthall, Heine Onstad Kunstcenter, Oppland Kunstcenter, Galleri Format, Ann Linnemann Galleri. UDSMYKNING Norske konsulat Spanien, Udenrigsministeriet Oslo, Statens Vejvæsen. INDKØBT AF Inkøbsfondet for Norsk Kunsthåndværk, Norsk Kulturministerium, Norsk Forskningsråd. LEGATER Knud Højgårds fond, Statens udstillingsstipend, Norsk Kulturråd. MEDLEM af Norske Billedkunstnere, Norske Kunsthåndværkere.


FLOPPER/CHRISTIAN MASTRUP (f.1974) er uddannet på Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi 2006-12; Nordic Sound Art, Skandinavien 2010-12. UDSTILLINGER: KBH Kunsthal, Krabbesholm højskole, 2018. Window 107, Istedgade 2017. Galleri Ruth: Lofoten 2017, Himmerland 2016. Ann Linnmann Galleri 2015. Vejen Kunstmuseum 2014. Sejerøfestival 2014. Installation, Kulturnatten Assistenskirkegården 2014,13. Solo, Mohs Galleri 2013. Museet for Samtidskunst 2012. Nikolai Kunsthal 2012. Lakfestival 2012. HOUHOT Art Academy Mongoliet 2011. Singuhr Sound Gallery, Berlin 2011., Japanske Ambassade 2011. Installation Furesø Kommune 2009. Kellokoski skulptursymposium, Finland 2009 Half-Machine København 2003-08. Tekniske installationer på Signa Sørensen 2004-06.

GUNHILD AABERG (b. 1939, DK) -




HANS VANGSØ (b. 1950, DK) -

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INGER HEEBØLL (b. 1969, DK) -

JANE HOLMBERG (b. 1973, DK) - Instagram: jane_holmberg

JEANETTE HIIRI (b. 1971, Borås.. DK) -

JESPER PALM (b. 1957, DK) -

JETTE LÔWÉN DALL (b. 1979, DK) -

JONATHAN KEEP (b. South Afrika.. UK) -

KAREN BENNICKE (b. 1943, DK) -

KAREN HARSBO (b. 1963, Japan.. DK) -


KIM HOLM (b. 1952, DK) -

KIRSTEN HØHOLT (b. 1979, DK) -


KURT WEISER (f. 1950) bor og har værksed i Arizona og Montana, USA. UDDANNELSE Interlochen Arts Academy, MI, 1967-69; Kansas City Art Institute, MO, BFA 1972; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, MFA 1976. SAMLINGER: V&A Museum; Los Angeles Museum of Art; Carnegie Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan; Mint Museum of Craft and Design; Racine Art Museum, National Museum of History, Taipei. FONDE Aileen Osborn Webb National Artist Award, 2003; American Craft Council College of Fellows, 2003; Arizona Commission on the Arts, Artist Fellowship, 1999; National Endowment for the Arts, Artist Fellowship, 1992, 89. USA Artists Fellowship 2012. 1988 Professor, Arizona State University, nu Regents Professor.

LEA MI ENGHOLM (b. 1977, DK) -

LIS BIGGAS (b. 1951, DK) -

LIS EHRENREICH (f. 1953) er uddannet på Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Århus 1976-81 og har siden haft eget værksted i Aarhus. UDSTILLINGER i danske og udenlandske gallerier så som Gallerie Besson, London og Kaolin, Stockholm. REPRÆSENTERET på museer i Europa og USA.


LONE BORGEN (b. 1952, DK) -

LONE SKOV MADSEN (b. 1964, DK) -



LOUISE SIDELMANN (f.1976, Lemvig) er uddannet på Designskolen Kolding Keramik 2002-07, Forskolen Euc Haslev 2000-01, Aarhus kunstakademi 1998-99. UDSTILLINGER : ´World-Cup´ 2018, ´Dialog´ 2017, ´FormSprog-TankeSpind´ 2016 Ann Linnemann Galleri. ´Landskaber`Kammer Galleriet Lemvig 2016. Officinet Kbh: ´Til ingen verdens nytte?´kurateret af Lars Kærulf Møller 2014 og ´Illusion´2013. ´Sikken Fest´, Møstings Hus 2012. ´Form Art´, Glinde, Tyskland 2011. ´Limfjordens efterårsudstilling, Gimsinghoved; ´Forårsudstillingen´, Charlottenborg 2009. `Ler08´,SAK, Svendborg. ´Projekt netværk´, Danmarks keramikmuseum CLAY 2008.





METTE-MARIE ØRSTED (f. 1952, DK) er uddannet på Skolen for Brugskunst (KADK) 1973-77. SEPARATUDSTILLINGER Keramisk Konkretion Ann Linnemann Galleri 2013; Butik for Borddækning, København 2010, 2008; Kanden – kan den, Galleri Pagter, Kolding 2007; Kander klippet med en saks, Galleri Nørby 2005. Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2007, Trapholt og Koldinghus; Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2002, Kunstindustrimuseet. LEGATER Statens Kunstfond arbejdslegater, Legatet Gertrud Vasegård, Bergiafonden, Nordea Danmark Fonden, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Den Danske Keramiktriennalepris. Eget værksted siden 1990. Medlem af Danske Kunsthåndværkere.

MIKAEL JACKSON (f.1972) er uddannet på Royal College of Art, London, MA 2006–08; Konstfack, Stockholm 2005–06; Designskolen-Kolding, BA 2002–05. Værksted i København, arbejder på Kunstakademiets Designskole (KADK). UDSTILLINGER 'Danish Contemporary' Lacoste Gallery, USA 2016. Odder Kunstforening, solo 2015. Copenhagen Ceramics, duo; Galleri R2, Svaneke 2014. Ann Linnemann Galleri, solo; 'Biennale Internationale de Vallauris', FR 2013. Copenhagen Ceramics; Ann Linnemann Galleri 2012. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgien 2012,10. Huset, Aarhus; Galleri Pagter, Kolding; Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk & Design, Koldinghus 2011. 'Across', Ny Tap, Carlsberg 2010. Statens Kunstfond Arbejdslegat 2013.

MONA VANDER (b. 1970, DK) -

NINNA GØTZSCHE (b. 1979, DK) -

OLE AKHØJ (b. 1949, DK)

OLE VESTERLUND (f. 1971, DK) er uddannet fra Danmarks Designskole 2008. UDVALGTE UDSTILLINGER "Ultimate Impact", Rundetårn, København 2017. "ConeBox Show", NCECA, Kansas 2016. "Aquarium", Ann Linnemann Galleri, København 2015. "Palais Ideal", Museum Jorn, Silkeborg 2014. "Orders", Copenhagen Ceramic, København 2012. "How queer everything is today", Råhuset, København 2006. "Forårsudstilling", Charlotteborg, København 2006.


PER AHLMANN (b. 1965, DK)

PRUE VENABLES (b. 1954, England.. AU)



SANDRA DAVOLIO (b. 1951, Italy.. DK)

SERGEI ISUPOV (f. 1963, Rusland.. USA)

STEN LYKKE MADSEN (f. 1937, DK) er uddannet på Kunsthåndværkerskolen København 1954-58. ANSAT Bing & Grøndahl, Royal Copenhagen 1962-03. UDSTILLINGER Clay Keramikmuseum 2016, Keramiske Veje, Jubilæumsudstilling, Sophienholm 2015; medstifter 1985. Ann Linnemann Galleri 2011,10,08. Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Belgien 2010. SOFA Chicago 2005. Galleri Nørby 1999. Charlottenborg 1975.Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica, Faenza, Guldvinder 1975,67. GAVLUDSMYKNING Sølvgade Kbh. 1993, Vesterbrogade 1978, SPRINGVAND Holstebro 1986. LEGATER Statens Kunstfond, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Ole Haslunds Kunstnerlegat. ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE Kina 2004; International Ceramic Center, Skælskør 2003-17.

STEPHEN BOWERS (b. 1953, AU) bor og arbejder i Australien. Han bevæger sig i et historisk billedunivers, hvor han yderst detaljeret maler keramikskår fra forskellige tidsperioder og stilarter ind over 'luftfotos' af den australske natur. Han refererer til sin egen brogede kultur, tankeverden og lokalitet, men giver samtidig et billede af det globale fællesskab, vi alle lever i, med erfaringer, fragmenter og motiver fra hele verden sat sammen med apps og andre af samtidens ikoniske kendetegn. Han er anerkendt for sine detaljerede værker, som han udstiller i USA, England og Australien.


SØREN THYGESEN (f. 1961, DK) er uddannet fra Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole 1987. Eget værksted siden 1987. Ansat ved Kähler Keramik, Næstved 1996-2000, designer for Kähler 2007. Tommerup Keramiske Værksted fra 2000. UDSTILLINGER "Kloge hænder - Store formater", CLAY Keramikmuseum 2017-18. Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2017,16,15. Ann Linnemann Galleri 2013. Morsø kunstforening 2009. Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2008,05,04,03. Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling 2006,05. Galleri Nørby 2005. Danske Keramiktrienale, Trapholt 1994. LEGATER Statens Kunstfond 2000,01,16. Ole og Yelva Nimbs Fond. Ole Haslunds Legat. Krøjers Legat. PRÆMIERET v. Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2016, Danske Keramiktrienale 1994, Statens Kunstfond 1993.