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Nina Malterud & Gunhild Rudjord - Norway/Denmark
Exhibition 22 September – 22 October 2016
Opening reception Thursday 22 September 16-19.00

Nordic ceramic pieces of harmony and interaction..
Two Nordic artists exhibit new ceramic pieces that reflect colours and nature in Scandinavian tones.
Interaction and opposition of the artists' pieces, Nordic expression with each their personal uniqueness in decoration and colour delight, in pictorial, abstract patterns and colour combinations - from stylish colour choices to powerful pictorial compositions with a clear nature reference.
Both work from the plate as a basic shape for the surface, layer upon layer of textural glazes; but their artistic expressions move in different directions.

GUNHILD RUDJORD is masterful in her ability to exploit the unique transformation that takes place during ceramic firing. There are great power in her pieces that seem simple, but offer dramatic compositions, contrasts - and a particular softness of the glaze, which runs over the surface.

NINA MALTERUD achieves that her objects become alive through several layers of glaze firing, where she is looking for signs of the process, such as crackle, pinholes and other ceramic 'faults'. Artistic expression ranks higher than the useful - however, these objects are linked to a rich tradition of function.

NINA MALTERUD ”For some years I have explored plane forms with a small vibrant edge, making the object into a kind of vessel or plate. The object becomes alive and achieves its artistic value through many layers of glazing and firing. I include and build on signs of the process, such as crackles, pinholes and other ceramic 'faults'. The artistic expression rank higher than the useful - however, these objects are still linked to the rich tradition of function.
I rarely give up on a piece, but give it another chance in the kiln. I am meticulous in the final selection.
More than in earlier works I make use of the new potentials in the ceramic media and processes, especially the glaze. Material depth of colours and structures obtained through the processes.
The meeting between strict form and unexpected effects.
The objects are made of earthenware, with a roller pin and manipulation of the edges. Glaze fired at about 1060 Celsius.
My first major inspiration was the Danish-Norwegian ceramist Lisbet Dæhlin (1924-2012), but now also pre-industrial art objects and crafts from the last century until now."
NINA MALTERUD was born in Oslo, 1951. EDUCATION at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (SHKS) in Oslo from 1971 to 1974. Has worked as an artist in ceramics since 1975, in Oslo and later in Bergen. Professor of ceramics at the Bergen National Academy of Arts from 1994. Rector of the Academy from 2002 to 2010. Member of the Board for Artistic Research Programme 2003-14. Various assignments as a senior adviser to the Bergen National Academy of Arts and Art in Oslo (KHIO) since 2012.
SELECTED BIOGRAPHY Solo exhibition Artist's Association (Kunstnerforbundet), Oslo 2012, after 9-year break from the studio work. Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, Honorary Award 2005. Solo exhibition RAM Gallery, Oslo 2003. The initiator of the journal 'Kunsthåndverk', a member of the Editorial Board 1979. Working for ceramist Lisbet Dæhlin at Frysja Art Centre in 1975, set up own workshop, later with Beth Wyller. Summer workshop with fellow students in North Norway - Completion of training in ceramics at the National College of Art and Design, Oslo 1974.

GUNHILD RUDJORD is masterful in her ability to exploit the particular transformation that takes place during ceramic firing process. She works primarily with the well-known ceramic archetypes - the vessel or plate as 'canvas' and creates beautifully decorated pieces where the ornamental motifs - often inspired by nature - are manifested in an exuberant interaction with glaze effects, colour depth, gloss and obvious signs of melting process.
She acknowledges an early inspiration from the renowned Danish designer, Bindesbøll (1846-1908), but has developed a very personal artistic language.
”I let the landscapes and spaces appear from the layers of slips and glazes in the firing. In my new pieces, the ornament has dissolved, there is less use of slips, giving the glazes more freedom. Several glazes are in action.
The immediate expression, material and colour delight are atmospheric and associative.
The plates are red earthenware, decorated with slip and glazed with various glazes at 1040 C.
My inspiration may be a voyage sailing along the north coast of Norway some time in September when the sea and sky, clouds and lights somehow leave an imprint on the eye.”
GUNHILD RUDJORD was born in Trondheim, 1961, educated at the Danish Design School - Kolding, 1983-87.
She lives in Faaborg and works at The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop as the glaze master since 1987, including cooperation with Bjørn Nørgaard.. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Gallery Pagter, Kolding, 2016; Copenhagen Ceramics, 2014; Gallery Modern, Silkeborg 2013; Himmerland Art Museum 2011 and Art Center Brænderigården, Viborg, 2006; Danish Ceramics Triennial, 1994. COMMISSION PROJECTS large vase for the Danish Crown Prince Couple in 2004, 2m tall vase for Faaborg and 100 dishes for The New Carlsberg Foundation. SCHOLARSHIPS AND SALES to The Danish Arts Foundation and The New Carlsberg Foundation. Member of the Board of The ceramics museum Clay.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding of The Ann Linnemann Gallery's international exhibitions and promotion in 2016.


Born 1961 in Norway. Lives and works in Faaborg/Tommerup, Denmark

EDUCATION Kolding Design School, 1983–87.

REPRESENTED The Danish Arts Foundation; The New Carlsberg Foundation, Copenhagen; Museum of International Ceramic Art, Middelfart, DK; Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway; Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tønder, DK; Fu Le, International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, Xian, China.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Galleri Moderne, Silkeborg 2013 ; Galleri Weber with Sys Hindsbo, Svendborg 2012; Galleri Pagter, solo, Kolding, 2011; Himmerlands Museum of Art with Kirsten Klein(photography), Aars, 2011; Clausens Kunsthandel with Knud Odde, Albert Mertz, Copenhagen 2009; Kunsthallen Brænderigården, (solo) Viborg 2006; Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen, with Edmund De Waal, 2004.

SELECTED COMMISIONS 2 m vase for Faaborg, 2012; 100 plates for New Carlsberg Foundation (100 year) Copenhagen 2006; 3 m vase for the Danish Crown Prince Couple, Fredensborg 2004.

PUBLICATIONS Contemporary Ceramics by Emmanuel Cooper, Thames and Hudson – The Potbook by Edmund De Waal, Amazon.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (selected) Glazemaker at Tommerup Keramiske Værksted since 1987.
Member of the board at Museum of International Ceramic Art (Grimmerhus), Funen, DK.


Born in Oslo 1951. Lives and works in Norway.

1971–74 Ceramics at National College of Art and Design (SHKS), Oslo

1975– Frysja Art Centre Oslo, and in Bergen

2012- Senior adviser part time on education structure issues
2002-10 Rector
1998-02 Pro Rector
1994-02 Professor in Ceramics

2012-14 Senior adviser 20 %, artistic research and accreditation issues

2011-14 Co-responsible for annual Supervisors’ Seminar
2003-14 Member of the Steering Committee

2014-15 Adviser for the project INTERIMP at the Norwegian Academy of Music
2004-09 Responsible for Sensuous Knowledge, annual conferences and publication series, supported by the Research Council of Norway
2002 something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, publication,
2002 Project leader from KHiB in Burning Point Bergen, Ceramics
1950-2000 publication, film, exhibition and seminar by Bergen National Academy of the Arts
/The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art

2015, 2012, 2003, 2000, 90, 89, 84 Museums of Decorative Art in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim
2003 The Art Museum of Northern Norway
2003 Drammens Museum
2000,89,88,84,83,80,78 Arts Council Norway
1991 Østfold County
1990 Sogn and Fjordane County Gallery
1984,83,80 Riksgalleriet

2005 Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts: Honorary Award
1989 Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts: Grant
1992,85 Government’s Travel Grant
1985 Houen’s Foundation Grant
1979-81 Government’s Work Grant
1978 Government’s Materials Grant

2015 KRAFT Bergen
2014 Hå gamle prestegård (South West of Norway)
2013 Gallery Format, Bergen
2013 Rom8, Bergen
2012 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2005 Rackstadmuseet, Sweden
2003 RAM Gallery, Oslo
1989,84,80 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
1989 National Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim
1989, 84 F15 Gallery

2015 SOFA Chicago (Gallery Format)
2013 Collect, London
2009 Vevring Exhibition
2003 Burning Point Bergen, The West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts, Bergen
2002 Keramik aus Norwegen, Galerie Handwerk, München
2000 Flyvende tallerkner og andre fat, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal
1999 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
1999 Norwegian Contemporary Ceramics, Amsterdam
1998 Tendencies, F15 Gallery
1996 Ceramic Art Exhibition, Perugia
1994 Artists’ House, Gvarv Telemark
1994 Olympia Collection, Lillehammer
1990 Norwegian Ceramics 1940–1990, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo
1990 Ukraina – Norge, a Developing Tradition, Norsk Folkemuseum
1990 Hordaland Art Centre
1990 6 sider av samme sak, RAM Gallery, Oslo
1984 Norway Now, travelling exhibition England
1983 Frysja på by’n, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo

2016 Pottery is back Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2014 Annual exhibition Craft 2014, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts
2003 Ceramic Triennale, The Vigeland Museum, Oslo
2000,1975-93 Annual exhibition Craft, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts
1991 Krysspunkt, Henie Onstad Art Centre

Public Art Norway (now KORO)
1994 Asker and Bærum District Court
1993 Kongsberg Engineering University College
1990 Bergen Prison
1985 Sessvollmoen Military Camp
1985 Norwegian Embassy Riyadh
1992 Tingvang, Øystre Slidre Municipality
1991 Renaissance 7 (cruise boat)
1989 Den Norske Creditbank

1979-87 Initiative to establish the journal, member of Editorial Board, co-author of many texts

BIOGRAPHY (details)

Born 1961 Trondheim, Norway. Lives in Denmark since 1981.

EDUCATION Design School - Kolding , 1983–87

Glaze responsible at Tommerup Ceramic Workshops since 1987
Board of directors, CLAY Museum of International Ceramic Art, Funen, DK.

2016 Gallery Pagter, Kolding, DK
Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
2015 Galerie Espen Art Denor, Cannes
2014 Copenhagen Ceramics, DK
2013 Gallery Moderne, Silkeborg, DK
2012 Gallery Weber, w Sys Hindsbo, Svendborg, DK
September Exhibition, Fanø Art Museum, DK
2011 Gallery Pagter, solo exhibition, Kolding, DK
Himmerland Art Museum, med Kirsten Klein, Aars, DK
2009 Clausens Kunsthandel, w Knud Odde & Albert Mertz, Copenhagen, DK
2008 Gallery NB, Summer Exhibition, Viborg, DK
2007 Gallery Wolfsen, Contemporary Ceramics Aalborg, DK
2006 Art Centre Brænderigården, solo exhibition, Viborg, DK
2005 Fu Le International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, Xian, China
2004 Gallery Nørby, solo exhibition, Copenhagen, DK
2003 Nordenfjeldske Art Museum, solo exhibition, Trondheim, N
Sønderjyllands Art Museum, solo exhibition, Tønder, DK
Gallery Carsten Frøkjær, solo exhibition, Copenhagen, DK
2002 Omkring Nyholm, Silkeborg Art Museum, DK
Gallery Franz Pedersen, Horsens, DK
Denmark's Ceramics Museum - CLAY, From Clay to Ceramics, DK
2001 Gallery Pagter, Kolding, solo exhibition, DK
Gallery Carsten Frøkjær, solo exhibition, Copenhagen, DK
2000 Standpunkte, Denmark's Ceramics Museum - CLAY, DK
1999 Gallery Carsten Frøkjær, solo exhibition, Hellerup, DK
Standpunkte, Keramion, Frechen
1998 Erik Nyholm/ Gunhild Rudjord, Gimsinghoved, Struer, DK
Ceramic Art from Tommerup 1987-98, Ceramics Museum - CLAY, Funen, DK
1997 Fade, Galleri Pagter, Kolding, DK
Dansk Keramik 1850-1997, Sophienholm Art Museum, Lyngby, DK
Gallery Nørby, solo exhibition, Copenhagen, DK
1996 A Keramisk Univers, 23 Nordic Ceramists, Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg, DK
1995 International Contemporary Artists in Clay, Gallery Vroumans, Amsterdam
Keramisk Dialog, Keramikaze, SAK Svendborg, DK
1994 The Danish Triennial, Trapholt Art Museum, Kolding, DK


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Fragments of Life - Heidi Hentze DK
Exhibition 18 August – 17 September 2016

Paper thin organic-geometric constructions in porcelain.
Heidi Hentze investigates porcelain and glaze in poetically folded pieces, that seem like magic.
With inspiration from architecture and origami, she challenges with a superior technical ability the classic slab-technique, material and gravity.

Geometric constructions are meticulously composed of thin clay sheets.
Melting points and temperature in the less controllable firing process add to the piece an organic sensuality, where deformation becomes a beauty of decay, a poetic tale.
An atmosphere of fragile existence and presence of the absent, are often focal points in Heidi Hentze's delicate pieces that hide her secret personal stories.

HEIDI HENTZE: "The inspiration for this exhibition derives from human fate and living conditions in my own and our time.. News, Facebook, friends, family, homecare job.
Fragments of life stories are picked out, combined, associated and translated into implicit narratives in ceramics.
News media images of bomb shot houses and people fleeing, combined with friends' divorces and broken-up homes, are the focal points for what have later developed into deserted bird nests.
The stories have been my starting point, but are not essential.

Since I work with the two unknowns - thin porcelain and crater glaze - it seems that unexpected things will happen in the firing process.
I have allowed myself to be open to the visual changes and give-aways that might occur, although at times I have had to 'compromise' with the intended story and crafted perfectionism.
A free approach to the materials is an amazing process..
For this exhibition, I have built four blue diamonds, 'Oppenheimer Blues'.
The shape of them is a combination of the diamond's eternity and flower's impermanence - from bloom to blossom. These are built in a combination of computer drawing and hand-formed slab technique.

The number '4' appears in several of my works. In many Asian countries this figure has the same wording as the word death. 'Tetra Phobia' is a concept.
(Wikipedia: Tetra Phobia is an aversion or fear of the number 4. This superstition usually occurs in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea)

The white piece 'Ruder' will be on show in Lacoste Gallery, USA.
For this Danish exhibition, I have build a green set in porcelain, 'Lozengy'.”

In recent years, Heidi Hentze has worked with material research - from simple cylinders to very advanced foldings of graphic constructions, analyzing of building spaces, collocated installations and colours' influence on form geometry. With professional knowledge, doubts and curiosity, she looks towards a philosophical and ethical meaning in her pieces.

Grateful thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding of Heidi Hentze and The Gallery's exhibitions 2016.

Photos of previous pieces:

HEIDI HENTZE was born in 1975. She lives and has her studio on the island of Bornholm.
EDUCATION Glass & Ceramics School - Bornholm (now KADK*, Royal Danish Academy, School of Design) 2006.
Previously exhibition in Ann Linnemann Gallery "FRAGILE" with Bodil Manz, Malene Müllertz and Jane Reumert in 2012 and "MASTER PIECES - miniature" in 2013. In recent years she has participated in several international exhibitions: ”Form.Frei” Gottorf Slot, Slesvig, DE - ”59th Premio Faenza”, International Competition, Italien - ”Ceramics of Europe” Europa-Parlament, Strasbourg, FR - ”10th International Ceramics Competition, Mino”, Japan - ”13th Westerwald Prize 2014”, Höhr-Grenzhausen, DE - ”COLLECT”, Saatchi Gallery, London - ”Fantastic Tales” Brighton, UK - Art Festival 2013, Funasaka, Japan - ”Collect in the Country 2013”, Cultural Connections, UK.. Selected Danish exhibitions are ”The Biennale for Craft and Design 2013” & ”HAVET” ACABs 10-years Anniversary, Copenhagen. AWARDS National Danish Arts Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation., Ole Haslund's Artist Award, OJD Foundation..

BIOGRAHY - Heidi Hentze
Born in 1975

2002-06 The Glass and Ceramic School, Bornholm, Denmark.
(Now: KADK - *Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)

2013 Symposium & Artist talks, Gyeonggi int’l Ceramix Biennale, South Korea.
2012-14 Member of the municipality arts council on Bornholm, DK.
2010- Member of ACAB (Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm), DK.
2009 Artist in residence. Sarayacu, Pastaza, Ecuador
2006 Network 06, Guldagergaard, Skælskør, DK.

2016 Danish Talents, Lacoste Galery, Boston, MA, USA.
”Geometry of Material” Solo exhibition, Ann Linnemann Gallery, DK
2015 ”Keramik Europas”. Form Frei, Gottorf Castle, Germany.
”59th Premio Faenza” International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Italy.
”Ceramics of Europe” Selected, European Parliament, Strasbourg, DE.
2014 ”13th Westerwald Prize 2014” Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany.
”10th International Ceramics Competition, Mino” Japan (Honorable Mention).
”New meets Old” Hjorths Fabrik, Rønne, Bornholm, DK.
”Bornholmske keramikere” Gudhjem Museum, Bornholm, DK.
COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery, London. CC, UK.
”Fantastic Tales” Danish Contempory Ceramics, Brighton, UK.
2013 Art Festival, Funasaka, Japan.
”Collect in the Country 2013” Cultural Connections CC, UK.
”The Biennale for Craft and Design 2013” Roundtower, Copenhagen, DK.
”Art in Clay” Pottery & ceramics Festival Hatfield House, Cultural Connections, UK.
”MASTERPIECES–miniature” Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen, DK.
2012 ”The Sea”” Art&Craft Bornholm 10 years anniversary, Roundtower, Copenhagen, DK.
”FRAGILE” Manz, Müllertz, Reumert & Hentze, Ann Linnemann Gallery, Copenhagen, DK.
2011 ”Havet/The Sea” Müllers Pakhus, Thorshavn, Faroe Island.
”Arts and Crafts Award of 1879” Design Museum Denmark, Copenhagen, DK.
2007 ”Network” International Ceramic Museum, Funen, DK.
2006 Form/Design Center, Malmo, Sweden. The Bornholm Art Museum, Rø, DK.

2016 National Danish Arts Foundation, project.
2014 Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation.
Bornholm's Arts Award.
2013 Brødrene E., S. & A. Larsen, travel grant.
Danmarks Nationalbank's Anniversary Foundation.
2012 Ole Haslund's Artist Award, travel grant.
Bornholm's Juried Spring Exhibition Award .
2011 Annie og Otto Johs. Detlefs´ Foundation
Kunsthåndværkerprisen /Arts and Crafts Award, bronze
Arts and Crafts Award, travel grant

Kirsten Kjær Museet, OJD Fonden, Svanekegårdens Kunst og Kulturforening, MIC - International Ceramics Museum Foundation of Faenza, Italien.